FAZER, one of Finland’s leading food companies, decided to refurbish its headquarters. K2S ARCHITECTS were commissioned with responsibility for project planning. Lead architect Mikko Summannen envisaged an outer shell with abstract 3D surfaces. The concept was to create an aesthetic link with FAZER’s wafers and famous chocolates. The 3D facade panels from Ulma were chosen to create the desired facade, mounted on Allface substructures.

The special triangular and plastic shape of the elements created a significant technical challenge. The architects designed and developed innovative ideas, virtually as construction progressed, all on a very tight schedule. In turn, this required Ulma and our team to develop novel solutions as each specific demand arose. Most importantly, the panel structures needed to match perfectly, to ensure a consistently accurate and uniform appearance of the facade.

The F1.10 Allface system proved to be the most efficient and ideal solution for fastening the panels to the principal structure. The specially shaped 3D elements were therefore as simple to attach to the walls of the building as conventional flat panels.

This precision resulted in an impressively uniform and high quality appearance, perfectly matching the food company image.