Allface is an agile, innovative and service-oriented provider of solutions for smart fastening technology — from our HQ in Austria. The international construction sector relies on our systems.

Innovation is scalable

We have been developing smart products for lasting and safe mounting of ventilated facades — from support profiles, brackets and entire systems to customised products — since 2006.

Architects in Europe and the USA rely on our quality — Made in Austria. This includes specialists in facade and metalworking, roofing and carpentry industries, along with designers and general construction companies.

Our conviction: motivation and innovation are scalable — from large-scale projects down to the smallest detail.
Our goal: to make facade engineering and top-quality implementation as simple as humanly possible.

Production and know-how

Our experts at the company headquarters in Leobersdorf near Vienna and in the production facility in Ebenthal, continuously develop reliable and future-proof solutions for ventilated facades. This is where state-of-the-art manufacturing processes create the components we design.

Our international network of sales staff and engineers offer comprehensive advice and technical support — either remotely or on site. Our tool for the calculation of static loads and thermal performance develops a fastening solution to suit your specific requirements along with clear installation plans. We openly discuss our proposed solutions, to clarify details and suggest possible improvements, if determined.

The result: buildings that are aesthetic, ecologically sound and functional, including full control over costs and schedules. Our Systems approach, experience, our know-how in global industry and passion for architecture will ensure the success of every project.


Expertise is about smart employees who know just what their customers need, not about company size. Our commitment, flexibility and agility can assist in the successful installation of the facade elements.


We are open to ingenious ideas — whether client driven or those of our own team. If an idea fits, we will do our best to implement it. International markets and construction projects may be complex and disparate. The corresponding variety of requirements and regulations motivate us to develop optimal and highly flexible products.

Allface know-how comes under one roof — from planning and production to transport and on-site consulting.

The result: technically excellent, mature, economical products and efficient processes on the construction site.

Customers with challenging demands always come to Allface for solutions. Working with us, special facade designs will most certainly be a success. No other supplier can match our expertise!

Ideas, flexibility and speed are decisive features of innovative strength. International building projects are highly diverse. Creating the right solutions for global projects is what motivates us.