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We supply patented quality fastening technology for all types of facades, including customised solutions. Our engineering services provide full implementation support.

Product Systems

Allface Smart Fixing Systems for ventilated facades are accurate, durable and economical. Architects and Designers have complete freedom to express their creative ideas and choice of materials. We work with fibre cement, glass fibre reinforced concrete, HPL board, composites, terracotta, slate, metal, wood, glass, ceramics and many, many more.

Our products are patented, passive house certified, homogeneously recyclable and globally applicable.

Engineering Services


The correct system solution is crucial. Our experts compile economic quantity and cost schedules to suit every unique project. Simply fill in our Project Enquiry Form to register. We use this information, including drawings and vertical sections, to calculate a quotation.

Static Calculation

We calculate the static loading as soon as the fastening system has been determined. We will fully consider all the regulations and standards applicable to the country/region, including specific project criteria. We then submit the results of our calculations, including all necessary approvals for the selected products.

Installation Drawings

As engineering professionals, we can plan and coordinate all the necessary steps required for the successful implementation of a facade. Our engineers can create installation drawings based on the panel layouts and details. This includes installation drawings, component lists, cutting lists and special elements. This service allows us to enable effective installation and smooth construction processes.

Project Management

Project management can be challenging, especially for complex jobs. This is where everything should successfully meet: communication, coordination and timing. Allface project managers are talented organisers, highly experienced and qualified, who understand the process. Our motivation is to ensure the best outcome for all.

Thermal Calculations

We select substructures suitable to reduce energy losses via thermal bridges. We utilise Ansys 3D modelling software to accurately calculate the required heat transfer coefficients (U-value) or heat transfer resistance (R-value).

Optimised cuts and special components

Our production systems ensure high component quality. We flexibly implement customised requirements to demanding specifications. Highly trained staff ensure the timely and reliable delivery expected. Our services support the ever changing architectural trends in the global marketplace.

Our engineering services offer all-round support: from system selection and technical processing to production and project management. This eases the workload on planning and construction departments, saving time and money.

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Rear ventilated facades offer excellent thermal coefficients when fastened to stainless steel wall brackets.

Heatmap - Rear ventilated facade

Our systems differentiate us from the competition, and our customised adaptations provide technical solutions significantly superior to the standard products available in the market.

Extensive know-how gained over many years of technical production and in logistics, combined with modern production facilities and sustainable procurement management.

We set substructure standards. Allface provide unique and individual solutions to meet specific project requirements. Why not benefit from our know-how as a system provider offering flexible production and the highest possible technical quality?

The correct system solution is crucial to the success of a scheme. Our experts compile economic quantity and cost schedules to suit every project. Simply complete the project data sheet. We use your information, including drawings and vertical sections, to calculate a quotation.

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