Smart Fixing Systems

Fastening solutions for ventilated facades

Allface offer the entire range of fastening technologies for ventilated facades. Our system components are high-quality, durable, economical, and meet all necessary technical requirements.

Allface Smart Fixing Systems ensure the successful installation of sophisticated facades, of all types. Building contractors, Architects and specialist installers rely on us when designing lasting, safe, and wonderfully aesthetic buildings.

Allface, as a driver of innovation, offer a full range of technical services, from design to execution. Our international sales network ensures we remain in constant touch with our ever growing client base.

We provide bespoke designs and specifications to customer requirements, supporting all the professionals involved in construction projects. This can often result in custom-fit support profiles, wall brackets and modular systems for ventilated facades.

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Allface continuously develop innovative Smart Fixing Systems for the international construction industry. Choose us as your full-service partner to complete your facade project, no matter how unique or complex — to the highest technical quality.

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Finesse is a hallmark of sustainably superior architecture. Allface smart fastening technology satisfies the most demanding of projects. The result: modern buildings with a spectacular appearance.

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Allface is the risk free all-round package for facade manufacturers, construction companies and installation contractors. Our patented substructure meets all static load demands, applicable local building regulations and code.

Facades hallmark cityscapes, lending buildings both identity and character. Solid and reliable fastening technology ensures permanency. Allface technology safely secures cladding elements to buildings without twisting or buckling. Solid and durably anchored to any substrate!

Photo: Anders Portman

Our ongoing success is achieved because we fully understand the complexities of buildings. We continually discover new methods and opportunities based on global experiences, offering our customers new perspectives.

Systems & Applications

We design and manufacture the specific components needed to meet any fastening requirements — whether open or concealed, glued or mechanically secret fixed.

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