Transforming a decaying Building into a Modern Retail Space

The Pingo Doce Shopping Mall in Vila Franca do Campo, São Miguel in Azores underwent a complete renovation in 2021, transforming a decaying building into a modern retail space. As part of this ambitious project, Finançor enlisted the help of Box Architects to create a stunning façade that would help draw customers in.

To achieve this goal, Steni Colour and Steni nature facade panels were chosen as cladding material for the harsh climate, which were fixed using the Allface System F1.10. Allface engineers provided design, structural analysis and installation drawings to ensure a smooth project process.

With a team of Steni and Allface-certified installers working at a steady pace of 150 m2 applied panels per day, the installation process was without any issues. Thanks to the close coordination between all parties involved, the final result was a beautiful and functional facade that perfectly complements the Pingo Doce brand.

Overall, this project demonstrates the power of collaboration and innovation in bringing a building back to life. By leveraging the latest technology and expertise, the team was able to create a truly stunning retail space that will attract customers for years to come.