Cooperation among aluminium associations in D-A-CH

The Gesamtverband der Aluminiumindustrie e.V. (GDA) in Düsseldorf has published a new information brochure on the subject “Planning for the future – building with aluminium”.

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The brochure was produced in close cooperation with the Swiss aluminium association,, and the Austrian association for the non-ferrous metal industry (Fachverband der NEMetallindustrie, Wirtschaftskammer Österreich) to make it available for all German speaking regions. The cooperation for the first time of these three aluminium associations in coming up with the brochure is exemplary. In future more joint activities are to be initiated under the motto “D-A-CH, Alliance for Aluminium”.

In addition to a focus on sustainability, the technical characteristics and applications of aluminium in the construction sector are presented in the brochure “Planning for the future – building with aluminium”. Further central aspects included are recycling and the efficient use of resources when building with aluminium, as well as certification systems and environmental labelling. An important aim of the brochure is to properly present recycling concepts in the area of ecological assessment of aluminium products, particularly for market players such as architects and planners, as well as the authorities. Because, in times of dwindling raw materials reserves and diminishing but particularly more expensive energy, the importance of recycling is increasing. In terms of quality there is no difference between alloys which are manufactured from primary metal, and those which are manufactured from recycled aluminium.

The German, Swiss and Austrian aluminium industries are at the centre of the European aluminium finishing industry. With their technologically sophisticated products the aluminium finishers in the D-A-CH countries enjoy huge success supplying a wide range of markets. Whether specialist niche supplier, classic medium size company or world market leader – each company is forced to assert themselves in dynamic market conditions. Their success is based on many success factors which are interlinked, such as innovative products, high quality, reliable processing and sustainable business policies.

The three countries look back on a long tradition with aluminium. They represent a population of almost 100 million, of which German is the mother tongue of around 95 per cent. “D-A-CH is an enormous sales market and German is the largest language group in Europe. This has encouraged us to work more closely together with the aim of taking advantage of synergies wherever possible,” said GDA Executive Director Christian Wellner, explaining the work together of the three national aluminium associations.

The brochure “Planning for the future – building with aluminium” can be obtained directly from the GDA.

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