Allface @ new Metro line Amsterdam

In 2002 the construction of the Noord-Zuidlijn (North-South Line) was started. The new metro line will be the first to go from the Amsterdam North district, underneath the IJ.


From there, it will run via Amsterdam Centraal to Amsterdam Zuid, wich is planned to become, after Amsterdam Centraal, the second biggest transport hub in the city. The line includes a mixture of bored tunnels and immersed tunnels under the river IJ.

The project initially had a budget of €1,46 billion, but after several setbacks the total cost estimation has been adjusted to €3,1 billion (price level 2009). The original planned opening was for 2011 but as of June 2014 completion is scheduled for 2017.

The North-South Line might be extended to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in the future.




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