Refurbishment of Söderledstunneln in Stockholm

The Söderledstunneln („South Way Tunnel“) is a tunnel between the Central Bridge and the Johanneshov Bridge on the island of Södermalm in Stockholm. It is 1,580 metres long and traverses the island from north to south.

On the stretch between Brännkyrkagatan and Folkungagatan an earlier tunnel called Södergatan had been built in 1944 in a cut-and-cover trench. Between 1964–1966, it was extended 150 metres under Åso High School. The tunnel as it is today was started in 1984. The work finished on schedule in January 2003 with the Clarion Hotel in the south end.

The total refurbishment of the western bound tunnel was closed between July until December 2011. The upgrade of the fire protection was a main part of the refurbishment. The attachement system to install the fire protection is made by Allface.


1580 m tunnel + 3 ramps

21.000 m² attachement system of ceiling fire protection

17 different cross section and construction types

23.000 m² of fire protection boards

8.000 m of special stainless steel profiles

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