Green Facade at Eneco World in Rotterdam

Eneco World is an eye-catching building in regards to its shape and sustainability. The building has a clever exceptional construction, orientated on the position of the sun. It consists of three curved construction parts which vary in height.

In regards to sustainability, high performance-demands are made of the building in regards to energy consumption, air tightness and insulation; the Rc-value is 4.0 m²K/W. Extraordinary technical and sustainable solutions have been incorporated into the building in regards to photovoltaic, solar energy, wind energy and air circulation. A high level of care has also gone into greening. There is a roof garden on the roofs of the medium-rise and the low-rise building and the roof of the pavilion is a “green roof”. The three bottom floors of the entire building are also build as “green façades”. The building was designed by Dam & Partners Architects for OVG Projectontwikkeling.

Allface’s contribution to this project was engineering, manufacturing, and delivery of the stainless steel systems for the „green facade“ as well as the PV-Facade and other Cladding areas.

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